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Flexcon Outdoor Series Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks are a vital part to any well water system.  Pressure tanks maintain constant water pressure for your home, and alleviates stress on the well and water pumps.  A pressure tank also maintains the water pressure needed to run any of yourPressure Tank Certain Water Service North Port Charlotte Punta Gorda water appliances.

Pressure tanks should be sized properly and tested regularly to insure they are maintaining the optimum air pressure, so that your water pump will operate at its optimum efficiency.

The pump manufactures recommend for optimal pump life having at least 2-times the capacity of the pump output. For example if you have a 1-HP submersible well pump in most cases in Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, or Southwest FL. areas the pump output will be from 18-24 GPM. Therefore the pressure tank should be at least 48 gallons.Pressure Tank Certain Water Service North Port Charlotte Punta Gorda

When a pressure tank ruptures or bursts, it adds additional work to the well or water pumps increasing your electric bill, and lowering the life of your well pump.

If you need the pressure tanks checked, serviced or maintained in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, or North Port Florida, call Certain Water Service at 941-391-6817.


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