"Professional service and installation. Quality Hague water softener installation"

- Dave Martin

Category: Water Treatment Installation

"The plumber they sent to me, Rusty, was AMAZING. He was able to fix everything very quickly, make suggestions, and troubleshoot for me. He definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. I would recommend this company with no qualms at all!"

- Gail D.

Category: Plumbing Service

"He did a great job, showed up when he said he would and was very pleasant."

- Lonnie K.

Category: Plumbing Service

"I had a hose bib bust off in the concrete block and had to shut my water off. Certain plumbing came out within hours of my call and did a fantastic job at a very fair price. Hopefully I have no more water issues but if I do they will be the only ones Ill call."

- Melissa W.

Category: Plumbing Service

"Best price,work performed,and great customer service. I highly recommend for any plumbing, or water service installation needs. Tim"

- Tim Harlow

Category: Water Treatment

"Both Jamie and Joe were very professional and informative. Jamie reviewed the various options for replacement of my failing aireator and softener system for my house.The technician (Joe) worked with me to get the best installation profile possible. The new system eliminated one of the two pumps which were required to operate the old system, along with some valves and piping that were at the end of their useful life. I expect to save money from that alone. With the repair and clean-up of the piping associated with the installation, I feel much better about the efficiency of the new system even before the anticipated improvement that the new equipment will bring."

- Dave Hinckley

Category: Water Treatment Installation

"Very good service"

- Bob K.

Category: Plumbing Service


- Fred Mount

Category: Water Treatment

"You installed a refurbished 1.5 cube softener and new brine was to my system 11/17/2017. From the time it was installed I noticed that it was using no or little salt. I previously used a 40# bag a week. Now I was using much much less. Also, where the water level in the old brine tank was near the level of the top of the salt it appeared that there was no water retained in the brine tank. I thought that was the reason for the very low salt use. The last time, before I called your Co., I noticed that all 3 plastic hoses connected to a tee were cracked and split where they were connected. All of the hoses were very brittle and had split when they were forced onto the tee. I had no idea what the hoses were for and, thus became concerned and called your office. I asked to speak or make an appointment with Jamie, Your office person put me on hold while she talked to Jamie. She came back saying that if I had a problem I should have called in sooner, and that I might well be billed for a service call if someone came out. This upset me. I claimed, I don't understand how the system is supposed to function and I was giving you the benefit of the doubt until I saw the cracked lines two of which had fallen off the tee. I had taped and tie wrapped the lines to temporarily reattach them. Jamie called me later and explained they were only drain lines. this alleviated my immediate concerns. However, I still don't think a job should be left with that kind of workmanship. Jamie came out later and went over the system with me. He said this new tank was much larger and more efficient than the previous one and therefore use much less salt. He also explained the water level in the brine tank should be very low. He said the system is functioning properly. I feel much better. But, I still have three split hoses duct taped to a tee. I guess I can get some small hose clamps to properly finish the job."

- Robert Anderson

Category: Water Treatment

"The tech was friendly, polite, knowledgeable and was finished the repair quicker than I expected. Will be happy to do business with him again. Also referred this company to my mom, and they did an even better job (if that's possible) in her bathroom. Very happy with this company."

- Nicole N.

Category: Plumbing Service


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