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Reverse Osmosis and Its Amazing Ability To Remove Contaminants

Safe drinking water has long been a concern for everyday citizens and the government. Multiple agencies have been created to monitor, regulate, and safeguard it. Countless organizations are dedicated to ensuring the purity and quality of drinking water. Many home and business owners employ reverse osmosis as a proactive step to enhance the safety, quality, and taste of their water.

4 Signs That Your Water Softener Needs To Be Updated

The community of Port Charlotte offers many great opportunities for residents daily, such as views of the water, walking trails, entertainment, as well as other numerous advantages of a subtropical climate. One other thing that comes with that Florida lifestyle is that many homes have well water, which is pumped from the local aquifer into their respective treatment system. Well water differs from city water because of how it is obtained and processed and, without a water softener, well water can damage your home's plumbing.

Beat the Heat: Best Ways to Cool off in Port Charlotte

Temperatures here in Port Charlotte average 92 degrees during July and August. Add in the heat index, and the temperature outside can easily feel like 100 degrees or more. Port Charlotte is also known for its extended summer, with temperatures reaching into the 80s even in December. Naturally this means people are always looking for ways to cool off, which is why we recommend the following.