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Reverse Osmosis Systems: What Are They and Why Do You Need it?

In order to understand reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment you need to know what osmosis is, so let’s try an experiment. Place a few dried peas in a cup and fill it with purified reverse osmosis water. In another cup, pour in some brine (a thick solution of salt water) and put a few fresh peas in it. Allow the solutions to sit for a few hours, and you will see the dried peas in the reverse osmosis water swell up. The fresh peas in the salt-water solution shriveled up. What happened!? Peas are made of cells, like all living organisms, and each cell is covered with a semi-permeable membrane (in other words, some things can get through it’s skin, but some things can’t). Reverse osmosis works similar to the pea in that a semi-permeable membrane allows the water to pass through, but not any dissolved substances like salts and other contaminants.

Certain Well Service Reviews in Sarasota, Charlotte, Desoto and Manatee County

Here are a few well service customer reviews that we've received from customers in Sarasota, Charlotte, Desoto and Manatee county. Some of the cities we service in these counties include; Sarasota, Venice, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Nokomis, Arcadia, Myakka, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch.