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The 5 Best Places to Enjoy the Water in Port Charlotte

The city of Port Charlotte is clearly one of the best-kept secrets in southwest Florida. It is located just north of Punta Gorda and only 25 miles north of the neighboring cities of Cape Coral and Fort Myers. For a small city with a newly redeveloped downtown, there are many opportunities to enjoy the water, and, the best part is that these fun spots are all free! 

Well Repair: 6 Signs That Tell You When To Repair Your Well

Water is one of the most essential resources we have. We need it to sustain life on the planet. One of the many sources we have for water is wells, with some of them being private. For those with private wells, it is vital to remain vigilant to avoid consuming contaminated water. One way to ensure this does not happen is not only testing the quality of water your well contains but also making sure your well's condition is maintained at the best possible standard.

City Water or Well Water: Which is Better?

Most people have two options when it comes to getting water into their home: city water or well water. Each option comes with benefits and drawbacks that a homeowner must weigh carefully when deciding between them.

Why Does My City Water Have Hardness?

We all know that hard water can be an inconvenience. Washing with hard water requires more soap, and it can cause problems with pipes by creating limescale. This increased use of soap costs households a lot of money and washing limescale is a chore. You would think that cities would provide water that is softer to make life easier on residents, but that isn't always the case. There are a couple of things that we have to know to understand why.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Home Water System in the Charlotte County Area?

How do you decide whether to replace or repair your home water system? Well, many property owners face this question every year when their water service lines break down. It may not be easy to tell whether doing repairs would be a more sensible option, or if you have to overhaul the entire water system. It can be very painful spending money unwisely, so here are 4 crucial factors to consider when choosing between repairs and replacements.

7 Signs You Need a Water Filter

The quality of your home's tap water is determined by the source of water, how it is disinfected and the condition of the delivery pipes. If your home suffers from water quality problems, you should consider having a water filter installed. A water treatment system removes all contaminants to ensure your home has water that's safe for use. Below are signs that you need a water filter installed at home.

What Can You Tell About Your Water From Its Smell Or Taste

We all hope that the water that comes out of our taps is clean. However, contaminants can sneak into your drinking water at any stage. While not all of them cause noticeable differences in smell, color or taste, here is a quick guide to what different smells and tastes might mean.

8 Common Water Quality Problems in Florida

Florida is known for its sunny weather and ocean breezes, making it a top destination for tourists and families. The southernmost state in the continental U.S, Florida is surrounded by vast bodies of water. This is great for surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling, and other water activities. But with Florida's oceans offering tons of activities, vacationers and residents often don't think about the quality of their drinking water.

Hard Water Hurts More Than Just Your Appliances

Most people who deal with hard water on a daily basis know the inconveniences of mineral build-up on sinks, bathtubs, coffee makers, etc. Hard water shortens the lives of hardware and appliances, requiring frequent replacements and servicing; but it may surprise some people to know that hard water can also be damaging to your body.

8 Benefits of a Water Softener For Your Home

Water is considered hard or soft based on mineral content. Minerals like calcium and magnesium naturally wind up in water and make it hard, which can be good in some instances; however, those minerals can also cause trouble in your home. If you are dealing with hard water, your best option is to install a water softener to protect your household from the adverse effects. Below are some of the benefits of a water softener.