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Hard Water Hurts More Than Just Your Appliances

Most people who deal with hard water on a daily washing fork in sink with waterbasis know the inconveniences of mineral build-up on sinks, bathtubs, coffee makers, etc. Hard water shortens the lives of hardware and appliances, requiring frequent replacements and servicing; but it may surprise some people to know that hard water can also be damaging to your body.


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Minerals and Your Skin

While many minerals are beneficial to our health, you can have too much of a good thing. This is especially true when it comes to minerals in your water. Think about it:

  1. You shower with it.
  2. You brush your teeth with it.
  3. You may drink it.
  4. You wash your face with it every morning and night.
  5. You wash your hands with it many times throughout the day.

Over time, minerals will build up on your skin just as they do on your kitchen sink. It may not leave a visual white residue, but it does clog your pores, cling to your hair, and sometimes irritate your skin. The aging effect of harsh minerals on your skin also severely disqualifies hard water from being the fountain of youth.

Acne and Eczema

Who would think that washing your face with water could make your skin more prone to problems such as acne and eczema? Unfortunately, hard water can work against you as you try to maintain good hygiene. Studies have shown a connection between high levels of calcium in water to eczema in infants. Hard water, when used regularly, can also damage the natural protective barrier of the skin. This often results in redness, itchiness, and susceptibility to acne and other skin disorders.

Soap and Scum

If you have hard water, you might have noticed that soap just doesn't do its job very well; the suds vanish quickly, you have to use an unusual amount of soap to accomplish anything, and even so, it leaves a film of scum on everything.

It gets a little complicated to explain, but the components of soap cannot cut grease like they ought to when excess minerals get involved. The minerals bind to the soap and it doesn't dissolve properly. This little interaction is what leaves a nasty film of scum on your sinks and tubs, and yes, on your skin and hair too! ...yuck.

Rinsing your skin and hair with a mixture of water and vinegar can help remove the build-up of minerals and clean the soap scum out of your pores (just be aware that you may smell like a pickle for an hour or two afterwards!).

Hard Water: the Feature of Florida

The entire state of Florida is known for an extremely high mineral content in the water, whether it's coming from a municipal water supplier or a well. Large deposits of limestone continually leach calcium, magnesium, and other minerals into the soil and inevitably into the water supply.

Our team keeps pretty busy helping out clients who are dealing with hard water here in Southwest Florida, because virtually everyone who lives here has to make a decision about the best way to remedy the problem (taking showers with bottled water gets old pretty fast...). We can pinpoint the amounts and types of minerals/metals in your water so that your choice of filtration or treatment is based on valid and correct information.

If you are tired of mineral build-up and soap scum, contact us today! We can answer your questions, and point you in the right direction for finding the best solutions. We have built our business on honesty and integrity, because we know these qualities make the world a better place for both your families and ours!

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