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7 Signs You Need a Water Filter

The quality of your home's tap water is determined by the source of water, how it is disinfected and the condition of the delivery pipes. If your home suffers from water quality problems, you should consider having a water filter installed. A water treatment system removes all contaminants to ensure your home has water that's safe for use. Below are signs that you need a water filter installed at home.


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1. People Often Getting Sick

When people in your household are often getting sick without an obvious explanation, it is a sign that you need a water filter. Water can sometimes harbor contaminants without necessarily smelling bad or tasting strange. Such contaminants could cause unexplainable illnesses to individuals in your household, especially after long-term exposure. Working with a professional in this field ensures that your water filter is installed correctly.

2. When the Water isn't Clear

The most obvious way of determining if the water is safe for use if finding out if it's clear. Simply pouring tap water in a glass will show if it's clear or not. Aside from being cloudy, the water might have a yellow, red or orange color. Such contaminants can easily be filtered out with a water treatment system.

3. If Your Water Has Odor or a Bad Taste

Water should not have an odor, so this is a clear sign that your water is not safe. To sieve out the contaminants that are giving your water a bad odor,  have a water filter installed at your home. If you notice the smell of chlorine, rotten eggs or metal, consult with a professional to determine the water filter that best suits your home.

Additionally, if you are always choking down a glass of water because it tastes strange, it is a sign that you need a water treatment system installed. Water should not have any particular strong taste.

4. If You Notice Stains on Pieces of Clothing

Contaminants like iron, manganese, and sulfur usually produce stains that remain on pieces of clothing after they go through the washing machine. Stains could also be on dishes once they've been through the dishwasher and other house items that need to be cleaned with water. A water filter eliminates these contaminants to ensure the water is safe for use.

5. Dry Hair and Skin

If you notice your hair and skin gets dry after showering, it could be a sign that your water has chlorine or hardness minerals. Dry skin can be irritating, and dry hair causes hair loss due to brittleness. Installing a water treatment system allows you and your household to enjoy baths without worrying about the health of your skin.

6. Frequent Plumbing Problems

If you are always making calls to your plumber because of one plumbing problem or another, the root cause could be the quality of the water. Hard water and low pH levels are issues that can easily be solved with a water filter installation. The pipes and plumbing appliances are usually affected by water with low quality. Installing a water treatment system helps you save money on repairs due to leakages and clogged pipes.

7. A Professional Water Quality Analysis

The surest way of determining if you need a water filter is having a professional carry out a water quality analysis. It is the absolute best because it helps you rule out any suspicions you might have. You could also find out whether the city's water report shows that the water has contaminants.

A water filter is a valuable investment as it allows you to have safe water in your household. Aside from saving you from several hospital visits, it also ensures you save money on plumbing repairs now and then. Working with a professional plumber ensures that your water filter is installed correctly. If you have problem with your water quality, the best thing to do would be to consult the professionals. Contact Certain Services, Inc for all your plumbing needs.

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