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4 Signs That Your Water Softener Needs To Be Updated

The community of Port Charlotte offers many great opportunities for residents daily, such as views of the water, walking trails, entertainment, as well as other numerous advantages of a subtropical climate. One other thing that comes with that Florida lifestyle is that many homes have well water, which is pumped from the local aquifer into their respective treatment system. Well water differs from city water because of how it is obtained and processed and, without a water softener, well water can damage your home's plumbing.

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The signs of poor water quality that we outline below could indicate the need for servicing or replacing your current water softener: 

There are deposits building up around the kitchen and bathroom fixtures

Hard water is actually due to the buildup of calcium and magnesium in the water supply whether it be from a well or your local municipality. If water is harder, it is usually more dense than soft water. A water softener that works properly can cause there to be fewer particles, or the total density to be reduced in your home's water supply. Reducing calcium and magnesium deposits does not make the water safe for consumption. 


Aged softeners can have a funny odor

Remember here in Florida we have year round warm temperatures, warm water and lots of sunshine with the softeners located outdoors. There is ample opportunity bacteria and algae growth inside a unit. A softener could have a sulfur smell which could be a bacteria growth in your softener tank. Even if you clean out the brine tank and add fresh salt crystals regularly you could still get a funny smell. If the water smells unpleasant, the cause could be that your water softener has needs to be repaired. For example, a power outage could cause the nearest power strip to stop supplying power to the softener. Another possibility is that the water softener's motherboard needs to be replaced. For both problems, the first thing to check is resetting the power GFI outlet and then reset the water softener.


The well water has a bad taste

Remember, the water softener reduces deposits in the water but does not ensure overall quality or safety. Other contaminants can make it into the water and suggest that humans shouldn't consume it. This can also be true of water obtained from a municipal water plant, which could be placed on a "boil water" status for many reasons.


There is fading or discoloration to freshly washed clothing.

If you wash your laundry frequently in hard water, you may find the clothes fade or get discolored faster than when washed with softened water. With hard water you will have to use a lot of soaps, bleaches, fabric softeners and maybe other abrasive chemicals to get the results you’re looking for. Most soaps have built in softening agents to help with the hard water problem but tend to give mediocre results without even considering the cost of these products.

With proper maintenance, Port Charlotte homeowners and business owners should expect their water softener to last for 10 to 15 years. However, after a decade, it could be time to update the entire system or some of its major components, such as the motherboard. If you contact a water softener provider, you may find the unit needs servicing. Typically, a water treatment service or a plumber will charge for coming out to look at the water system you currently have. If a repair or replacement is needed, a reputable company will deduct their initial service fee from the total estimate. This is a good business practice to expect in this part of Florida.

At Certain Services Inc., we are a professional company offering water treatment, well equipment, and plumbing services. We're here to help you determine what's causing your well water to be less than satisfactory. For details, please contact us today.

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